Seed Signer Pill Case


Build your own Seed Signer. A verifiably air-gapped, stateless Bitcoin signing device using inexpensive, publicly available hardware components. Use one of our enclosures to keep your hardware unit safe.

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Product Information

A Bitcoin seed signer is a type of software or hardware tool that is used to sign transactions on the Bitcoin network. In order to sign a transaction, a user must have access to the private key associated with the address from which they wish to send funds. A seed signer uses the user’s seed phrase (a sequence of words that can be used to generate the private key) to sign the transaction, rather than requiring the user to enter their private key directly.

This allows for added security as the private key is never exposed and the seed phrase can be stored in a safe place, also it is useful for cold storage use cases as it allows for offline signing of transactions. The signed transaction can then be broadcast to the network to be included in a block and processed. Some hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger support this feature.

Build your own Bitcoin Seed Signer and purchase a case to protect it. Multi piece case design that allows you to fully enclose your Seed Signer. This case is easy to assemble your project and enables easy access to your micro SD card, camera and Raspberry Pi Zero board. Everything snaps into place. 4 small screws are needed.

  • 3D printed
  • PLA case
  • Resin buttons
  • Screws not included

If you would like an open style case check out the Seed Signer Open Pill Case.


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Weight .1875 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Black, Grey