Bitcoin Nerd Miner Setup and Configuration

Welcome to the Bitcoin Nerd Miner setup and configuration guide. Follow these steps to connect your device to your Wi-Fi network and set up your Bitcoin address for receiving block rewards.

Step 1: Connecting to the Nerd Miner Wi-Fi Network

  1. Connect to the Nerd Miner Wi-Fi Network
    • On your computer or mobile phone, connect to the Wi-Fi network provided by your Nerd Miner device.
    • You can either scan the QR code displayed on the device screen or manually scan for the Wi-Fi network and log in using the following credentials:
      • SSID: NerdMinerAP
      • Password: MineYourCoins

Step 2: Accessing the Setup Page

  1. Open a Web Browser
    • You should be automatically redirected to a setup page. If not, manually navigate to in your browser.
    • You should see the setup screen.
Nerd miner configuration screen

Step 3: Configuring Wi-Fi and Bitcoin Address

  1. Configure Wi-Fi
    • Click the “Configure Wi-Fi” option on the setup screen.
    • Provide the following information:
      • Select your Wi-Fi network
      • Enter your Wi-Fi network password
      • Specify your Bitcoin address for receiving mined Bitcoin in the event of discovering a block (we recommend a SegWit address starting with bc1q).
        • Note: Taproot addresses starting with bc1p currently do not work with the default public pool.
  2. Configure Pool Settings
    • The pool settings are preset to, but you can customize them according to your preferences. It is usually advisable to keep the default settings.
    • The fields annotated with red text on the setup screen image are the ones you need to configure.
Bitcoin nerd miner configuration

Step 4: Receiving Block Rewards

  1. Block Reward Information
    • In the rare event that you discover a valid block, you will receive the full block reward to the Bitcoin address provided (excluding a small fee directed towards the solo mining pool, typically around 2%).

Step 5: Saving and Restarting

  1. Save Settings and Restart
    • Once you have entered all the necessary information, click “Save.”
    • Wait for a moment, then restart your Nerd Miner device.

Step 6: Viewing the Nerd Miner Main Screen

  1. Monitor Performance
    • After restarting, you should be able to view the Nerd Miner main screen.
    • You can see the mining performance, including the hash rate (KH/s). Expect around 55KH/s, though this may vary slightly depending on firmware.
    • Use the navigation buttons as described below to explore additional options and settings.

Congratulations! Your Nerd Miner is now set up and ready to mine. Happy mining!

Nerd Miner setup pool selection options

If you are interested in changing the default Solo pool listed below are recommended low difficulty share pools:

Pool URLPortWeb URLStatus
public-pool.io21496https://web.public-pool.ioOpen Source Solo Bitcoin Mining Pool supporting open source miners
pool.nerdminers.org3333https://nerdminers.orgThe official Nerdminer pool site – Mantained by @golden-guy
pool.nerdminer.io3333https://nerdminer.ioMantained by CHMEX
pool.pyblock.xyz3333 by curly60e
pool.sethforprivacy.com3333 by @sethforprivacy – public-pool fork

Nerd Miner Button Navigation

This manual will help you understand how to use the buttons on your Nerd Miner device effectively.

Bitcoin Nerd Miner Buttons

Button Functions

Top Button

  • Single Click
    • Function: Enables screen switching.
    • Note: This function is only available with firmware version 1.5 or higher.
  • Press and Hold for 5 Seconds
    • Function: Initiates a reset of your configurations and restarts the device.
  • Hold and Power Up
    • Function: Activates the configuration mode, allowing you to modify the current configuration via Wi-Fi or adjust and verify settings.

Bottom Button

  • Single Click
    • Function: Turns the screen off and on.
  • Double Click
    • Function: Alters the screen orientation.
    • Default Orientation: USB-C positioned to the right.

Centre Button

  • Hard Reset
    • Function: Erases all data on your device.
    • Caution: Only press this button if you intend to perform a complete reset of the device.


With these button functions, you can navigate through your Nerd Miner’s features, configure settings, and perform resets as needed. For detailed setup instructions, refer to our comprehensive setup guide above.

We hope this manual helps you navigate your Nerd Miner with ease. Happy mining!

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