How to install Web3.Py in Python is a Python library for interacting with Ethereum. This library is used in decentralized applications (dapps) to assist with sending transactions, reading block data, interacting with smart contracts, and many other use cases. Installation

To install run the command below in your IDE. All the required files will download to your project.

pip install Resources

It is important that you read the docs! The documentation will help you get started and answer most of your questions. These documents are well organized and easy to search.

If you have any questions you can ask it in the Gitter community forum. If you search the discussion board you will find answers to most questions. Most people are friendly and helpful.

If you want to review the code it can be found in Github. Understanding how the library works is helpful but not required.

After has been installed you are ready to connect to a node and test your connection to the Ethereum blockchain. Before proceeding make sure you have read how to connect to the Ethereum blockchain using a node. This will prepare you for the next step.

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