Maps in a solidity smart contract

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A map is like a hash table that allows you to save data on the Ethereum block chain in a key -> value pair relationship.

  • It allows you to save data to the block chain
  • You can retrieve this data in a function
  • Maps are efficient for fast lookups
  • You cannot get the size of a map
  • Valid key types are string or byte which translates to a uint, bool and address
  • Valid value types are any type

Use a map to keep track of data in one to one or one to many relationships.

Below is a sample of a solidity map in a smart contract.

pragma solidity >=0.7.0;

contract example {

    //new state variable called myExampleMap
         mapping (address => uint) public myExampleMap;

    //To read an item in the map you use the get function
        Function get(address _addr) public call  returns (uint) {
            Return myExampleMap[_addr];
    //To set an item in the map you use the set function
    Function set(address _addr, uint i) public call  returns (uint) {
             myExampleMap[_addr] = i;  
    //To remove an item in the map you use the remove function
    Function remove(address _addr) public call  returns (uint) {
             Delete  myExampleMap[_addr];  

try it in Remix

For more information read the docs.

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