Ethereum Test Environments

The information below details how to access the Ethereum test environments and obtain test ETH. The process to access one of the Ethereum test networks (Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby, Goerli, etc.) is the same through MetaMask. Use one of the faucet links below to obtain test ETH.

Ethereum Test Environment Access

To access the Ethereum test environments you can use your existing MetaMask wallet. If you do not have a MetaMask wallet you can download it here. To change from the Mainnet to one of the test networks click on the drop down at the top of your MetaMask wallet to select Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby or any other network.

Ethereum Test Environments MetaMask Configuration

That’s it, now your wallet is pointing to the Ethereum test environment. If you attempt to deploy a contract using Remix it will deploy to the environment that you have selected.

Ethereum Test Environment Sites and Faucets

Use the resources below to place test trades, monitor your transactions on the test network, and/or to obtain test ETH from a faucet. Follow the directions on each faucet page to receive test ETH.

To deploy a smart contract or send funds in the Ethereum test environment test ETH is required. Listed below is information on how to obtain test Ether from several faucets. Keep in mind the faucets below do not distribute real ETH. This ETH is only valid for the test network. You will need to input your public address for your account on the test environment and you will be sent test ETH. Some faucets have a 24 hour timer before sending additional ETH.

Ropsten Test Environment

Network ID:3

Ropsten Test Environment Faucets

Rinkeby Test Environment


Rinkeby Test Environment Faucets

Kovan Test Environment


Kovan Test Environment Faucets

Goerli Test Environment


Goerli Test Environment Faucets


Blockchain Networks

Below is a list of EVM compatible Mainnet and Testnet blockchain networks. Each link contains network configuration, links to multiple faucets for test ETH and tokens, bridge details, and technical resources for each blockchain. Basically everything you need to test and deploy smart contracts or decentralized applications on each chain. For a list of popular Ethereum forums and chat applications click here.

Ethereum test network configuration and test ETH faucet information
Optimistic Ethereum Mainnet and Testnet configuration, bridge details, etc.
Polygon network Mainnet and Testnet configuration, faucets for test MATIC tokens, bridge details, etc.
Binance Smart Chain Mainnet and Testnet configuration, faucets for test BNB tokens, bridge details, etc.
Fanton networt Mainnet and Testnet configuration, faucets for test FTM tokens, bridge details, etc.
Kucoin Chain Mainnet and Testnet configuration, faucets for test KCS tokens, bridge details, etc.

Web3 Software Libraries

You can use the following libraries to interact with an EVM compatible blockchain.


Learn how to run a Geth node. Read getting started with Geth to run an Ethereum node.

Fix a transaction

How to fix a pending transaction stuck on Ethereum or EVM compatible chain

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