Resources for the Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain is growing in popularity in the crypto currency community. To help navigate the space we will review resources for the Binance Smart Chain. Before we get started reviewing the tools available for developers keep in mind that there are 2 Binance block chains. The Binance Chain (BC) and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). These block chains work together by relaying information to each other.

The Binance Chain is used for exchange trading of assets and the Binance Smart Chain is used for creating new decentralized assets and DEFI applications. The information below will focus on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

To use the BSC you need the BNB token to pay for gas. The BSC token can be purchased on many centralized exchanges (Binance) or decentralized exchanges (uniswap on Ethereum or pancake swap on BSC).

Moving tokens to the BSC:

You can you use one of the services below to transfer tokens between different block chains. For example you can move your BNB tokens from BCS to Ethereum.

BSC Wallets:

There are many wallets you can use for the BSC. Binance makes a Goolge plug in wallet but the most popular wallet is probably MetaMask. You can keep your existing ETH address and setup is very simple. Click here to see how to configure your MetaMask wallet to work with BSC.

Resources for the Binance Smart Chain:

To research coins that are trading on the Binance Smart Chan or to find a list of or yield farms you can use Coin Market Cap.

Resources for the Binance Smart Chain coinmarketcap

To see a list of new projects on BSC you can use the following sources:

BSC Block Chain Explorers:

BSC Developer Tools:

The convenience of using the Binance Smart Chain is most developer tools used for Solidity are compatible with the BSC. So if you are familiar with Remix, Ganache, etc. you can keep using them. You will need to reconfigure your end points so they point to the BSC.

Connection points / nodes to the BSC:

In place of a INFURA you can connect to the Binance Smart Chain using:

BSC Test Net Information:

Binance only has one test net. Add the Binance Smart Chain test configuration to your environment. If you are using MetaMask save this test configuration in notepad so the MetaMask screen does not close.

If you want to interact with Pancake Swap on the Binance Smart Chain test net their test addresses are:

BSC test net addresses for Pancake Swap

  • Factory Address: 0x6725F303b657a9451d8BA641348b6761A6CC7a17
  • Router Address: 0xD99D1c33F9fC3444f8101754aBC46c52416550D1

BSC Test Net Faucets:

Use the Binance test faucet and request free peggy tokens. The tokens are sent to your wallet within minutes and are needed to deploy contracts and send funds on the blockchain.

BSC Grants:

If you have a block chain product idea and need funding for your endeavor you can submit a proposal to the Binance Accelerator Fund for potential help. This is a great way to help build the community.

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