Build a website with an Unstoppable Domain

Build your own website with an Unstoppable Domain and IPFS. When you buy an Unstoppable Domain you take custody of the domain using your crypto currency wallet and it is yours forever. If you combine owning your own domain with publishing your website on IPFS (inter planetary file system) no one can stop you or take down your content. The only fees associated with this project is a one time purchase of a domain name.

How does an Unstoppable Domain Work

Unstoppable Domains are built on an architecture called CNS (Crypto Name Service). CNS is a set of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain that govern how domains are created and used. Although CNS has a similar purpose as a traditional DNS system, CNS has architectural differences that are significant. As an example, CNS domains are owned irrevocably. These domains do not need to be renewed and cannot be reclaimed by Unstoppable Domains or anyone. Once claimed, users have complete control of their domains.

Every CNS domain is issued as an ERC-721 token contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Building on this standard makes it easier for developers to integrate with Unstoppable Domains and it lets users manage their domain ownership from any compatible wallet, exchange, or marketplace.

Purchase an Unstoppable Domain

To start building your website choose a domain name. Visit the Unstoppable Domains website and search for a domain.

Search for a .crypto domain on unstoppable domains

After you find a domain that is available add the domain to your cart and select checkout.

purchase a .crypto domain extension at unstoppable domains

Unstoppable Domains allows you to make payment with a credit card, Paypal, crypto currency or

pay for a .crypto domain extension at unstoppable domains. Purchase with crypto, credit card, paypal

After you purchase your Unstoppable Domain you will need to claim your domain on the Unstoppable website. Claiming is the process of pushing your domains from the Unstoppable Domain database to the blockchain, and into your cryptocurrency wallet. There is an additional fee to claim your domain because the transaction needs to be processed on the Ethereum blockchain. If you wish to use, sell or gift the domain you must claim it first. 

Once the claim process is complete you have full custody over the domain.

Claim your unstoppable domain .crypto  Sign transaction with wallet

Build your website and publish it on IPFS

Use an Unstoppable Domain template to build a website

After you claim your domain go back to the domain tab in the menu and select the website button and then select choose a template. This is where you will build your website using a template provided by Unstoppable Domains.

Create unstoppable domain website with IPFS

On the Select a Template page select a template. There are several different models to choose from.

Create unstoppable domain website with IPFS. Select a template

Then using the sections on the right navigation bar configure the text, colors, images, etc for your website.

build configure your IPFS website on unstoppable domains

After configuring your site click the publish to IPFS button. You will be asked to sign two transaction to prove that you are the owner of the domain.

Sign transaction for unstoppable domains

After you sign two transactions your website will upload to IPFS. It will take about 10 minutes for the transaction to complete and for your website to become available.

Unstoppable domain website is uploading to ipsf

Upload your custom website to Unstoppable Domains

If you already have a website that you would like to use with your new domain follow the process below.

On the Unstoppable Domains website select domains in the menu then select website.

upload your website to unstoppable domains

Then scroll down to the section that says upload files to IPFS.

upload your website to unstoppable domains

Click on upload files to upload you website to IPFS and use your new Unstoppable Domain.

How to view your Unstoppable Domain website

Traditional browsers do not support looking up a .crypto domain addresses saved on Ethereum. So to search for an Unstoppable Domain you need to download an extension in your Chrome or Fire Fox browser or download one of the other browsers listed below. These extensions and browsers support DNS and CNS (Crypto Name Service).

Check Unstoppable Domains for additional ways they are integrating with other platforms to support .crypto addresses.


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